Prof. Dr. György Hazai

Turkologist, Orientalist, University professor, Ordinary member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

György Hazai brought scholarly discourse to its foremost level, innovating with new problems and solutions. More than anything he took on problems himself to reduce their difficulties. In these efforts he was always intensely interested in the exchange of ideas and cooperation within a broadly defined and international network of colleagues. As an especially valued teacher he set high standards of probity and scholarly excellence.
Countless are those whom he helped with professional advice and active support. So many were given free access to his knowledge and his collections and contacts. Unflagging hospitality and generosity of spirit, a sharp sense for the better things in life, and a fine sense of humour were the character traits which made him one of the greats of his time. He was truly a citizen of the world. His close personal attachment to Turkey, its people, and its culture shaped both his life’s work and his life itself.

Professor Hazai - "Hazai bey"

Life story

"The road to the university led from "Trefort" high school. I can remember the teachers of my first alma mater with heartfelt gratitude and love. They were unique founts of all wisdom, and provided me with excellent ammunition for the road ahead.
    I enrolled in the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE in 1950. There, in a matter of a few weeks, it was decided that I was to become a Turkologist. In such a way, it was not romantic affections that proved to be the antecedents: the choice was suggested by my brilliant professors in history."

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